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JSN Consulting, Inc. has been serving the Delaware Valley and the northeast region of the US since 2000.

We specialize in solving enterprise computing problems, and our staff produces high quality, robust, and scalable software and hardware solutions that you can count on. In addition, our friendly and professional staff is here to answer any questions you may have about our company or our services.

At JSN, our goal is to provide you with courteous, expedient, professional service of the highest caliber. Browse our website for more information about JSN. If you have any questions or would like to speak with a JSN representative regarding our offerings, please e-mail us at [email protected] or call us at 877-586-5774.

At JSN Consulting, Inc., we treat you like a partner, and our partner always comes first.

Our Team

JSN Consulting is a consortium that has grown out of necessity in the Philadelphia, New Jersey and New York areas. Its founder, Dr. Jeffry Nimeroff noticed a lack of consulting companies whose goal was to solve their clients' true problems as opposed to "fitting" their clients' problems into predefined, easily managed categories. He formed JSN with the goal of building efficient, effective solutions for each client, assuring that their needs were fully met. With JSN, Dr. Nimeroff has assembled a group of the area's leading technologists with the widest areas of expertise available.

Dr. Jeffry Nimeroff

Dr. Nimeroff is, currently, the President and Chief Scientist at JSN Consulting, Inc. With JSN, Dr. Nimeroff performs 1) all aspects of data management including modeling, design, analytics, architecture, 2) designs and implements large-scale multi-tier architectures using J2EE/LAMP and patterns, 3) performs Internet strategy consulting for large e-commerce and multimedia companies, and 4) perform all aspects of technical due diligence. Along with his consulting duties, Dr. Nimeroff is a Business Development Vice President and Chief Architect with GSI Commerce, Inc., the world's leader in e-commerce and multi-channel solutions for enhancing brands and growing businesses.

Dr. Nimeroff is also a member of the Adjunct Faculty in the Computer and Information Science Department and the Digital Media Design Program at the University of Pennsylvania focusing on usability and user experience design, and in the Computer Science and Digital Media Departments focusing on computer gaming at Drexel University. For the 2006-07 academic year Dr. Nimeroff was a Visiting Professor in the Computer Science and Digital Media Departments at Drexel University. His teaching interests include all aspects of computer gaming, internet development, digital media design, and human-computer interaction.

Recently, Dr. Nimeroff was the Chief Technical Architect at BeMusic, the music arm of Bertelsmann's Direct Group. He oversaw all technical decisions related to CDNOW, BMG Direct, MyPlay, and Napster.

Prior to rejoining BeMusic, Dr. Nimeroff was the Chief Technology Officer at HotSocket, Inc., an online marketing and analytics company, where he oversaw all aspects of HotSocket's patented experimental testing technology. Dr. Nimeroff set the technical vision for the company, and worked hands-on to ensure success for HotSocket's 100+ clients including American Express, Reader's Digest, Capital One, FirstUSA, Grolier, and Doubleday. Dr. Nimeroff also initiated, and fostered all external technical relationships, negotiating partnerships with Sun, Exodus/Global Center, Lucent, Microsoft, Cisco, Oracle, EMC, and Cintra.

Prior to joining HotSocket, Dr. Nimeroff was the Chief Technology Officer at, an online B2B2C luxury-market service provider, where he oversaw all aspects of the's technology efforts. Along with setting the technical vision for the company, Dr. Nimeroff worked hands-on in architecting the e-commerce, financial, messaging, and supply chain management systems, as well as, their 24-hour call center. Dr. Nimeroff also initiated, and fostered all external technical relationships, negotiating partnerships with Sun, HP, Broadvision, Lucent, Microsoft, Cisco, Oracle, Siebel, EMC, Verity, NetPerceptions, USinternetworking, and Eisner Consulting.

Prior to, Dr. Nimeroff served a the leader of technology integration at CDNOW, Inc., a leading music e-commerce company where he led their research and development efforts concentrating on the architecture and design of their new secure digital music distribution infrastructure. Prior to CDNOW, Dr. Nimeroff was the principal engineer and systems integrator for the e_mod (Encoded Music Online Delivery) digital distribution project at N2K, Inc.

Adding to his broad technology experience, Dr. Nimeroff co-founded Dill Pixels, Inc. a computer graphics, gaming, and multimedia programming company that produced commercially available titles in the 1990's.

Dr. Nimeroff began his career in academia, teaching at the University of Pennsylvania in the Department of Architecture. His research concentrated on the areas of computer graphics and the Internet. He was the co-designer of the graduate and undergraduate degree programs in Digital Media Design and has authored and published numerous works in computer graphics and multimedia.

Dr. Nimeroff earned his Ph.D. in Computer and Information Science from the University of Pennsylvania in 1997, concentrating on the design of large multimedia systems. He earned an M.S.E. from the university in 1993 as well. Dr. Nimeroff has also earned B.A. and M.A. degrees in Computer Science from Boston University.


These testimonials have been sanitized for public consumption. If reference calls are desired, JSN can provide the appropriate specifics.

"JSN helped us with all aspects of project management, integration, and internal technical development relative to a large e-commerce migration we recently performed. They were great to work with. They delivered on time and on budget providing a consistency that other service providers we've worked with did not. We have worked with JSN subsequently and wouldn't hesitate do so again."

VP, A Leading Consumer Product Goods company

"We asked JSN to perform data analysis within our online and offline systems and recommend an approach to unifying our data. Their operational and analytical data repositories have helped us gleen useful information in areas where we have, traditionally, had no visibility. The ad hoc tools they deployed have provided a framework where non-technical users can work with the data as effectively as our technical analysts. We are currently engaged in an expansion of our original requirements and can wholeheartedly recommend JSN."

SVP, A Leading Consumer Electronics company

"We were (slightly) late to the e-commerce game and had a complicated design that supported our branding requirements. Our head was spinning when JSN came in. They were able to dice up the problem into manageable pieces and put together a plan that all involved were able to stick to. We launched our e-commerce site on time and on budget, without having to sacrifice our brand. It was a beautiful thing."

SVP, A Leading Apparel retailer

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E-Commerce Technology

JSN has capabilities that span the full spectrum of e-commerce. From the web store, through order management, through order fulfillment and warehouse management, through multichannel, and out to customer service, JSN has implemented solutions robust solutions for a large number of our clients.

Data Management

JSN has extensive experience in all aspects of data management from modeling, to cleansing, to integration, to analysis. Whether it is replicating production data or providing structure for an operational/analytic data store, JSN has the technology and the talent to successfuly design and implement your project.

Content Management and Social Networking

JSN has designed and implemented solutions using every major available Content Management System in use today. From open source PHP web content management deployments through enterprise class content and document management infrastructures, JSN has the skills to apply the appropriate technology to solve your business problem.

services list

JSN is a premier provider of technology (process, software and systems, and data) consulting. Our quality control standards are high. Our engineers are among the best in the business. Your satisfaction is of paramount importance. Below is a list of the services we offer.

Project Management
Business Process Re-Engineering
Due Diligence
Enterprise Resource Planning
New Business Development
Software and Systems
System Design
Infrastructure Design
Software Architecture
Web Development
Desktop Application Design
J2EE/C++ Development
Perl/Python/PHP Scripting
Clickstream Processing
Forensic Analysis
Content Management
Search Engine Optimization
Game Design and Development
3D Modeling
Character Modeling, Rigging, and Animation
Video Post Production
Multimedia Encoding and Streaming

Solutions Showcase

We are in the process of securing permission from our high profile clients to present their work in our portfolio for public consumption. Please check back with us soon.

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